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Regular Weekly Classes.

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Come along and bring a friend.
Introvert or Extrovert
Newcomers welcome.

Tuesday Morning 10.30-11.15am

Wednesday Morning 08:30-09:15am

Stressed Out? Depressed? or Just wanting more joy in your life?

Laughter does not need to be dependent on anything. Laughter can occur spontaneously, if you let it happen. Rediscover the art of laughing for no reason.

You don't need to have a sense of humour or be in a particular mood for Laughter Yoga to work for you.You don't need any specific ability or skill, just a willingness to laugh. There is no thinking required.

Anyone can laugh. But are you getting enough of it ?

Did you know that children laugh about 200 times a day whilst adults around 12-15?

Laughter Yoga is a complete workout, combining deep-breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises to increase the amount of oxygen in your body. It encourages playfulness and rekindles that sense of freedom and childlike attitude to life. It helps you to experience physical, emotional and mental wellbeing wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.
Laughter is a highly effective form of aerobic exercise, providing "internal jogging", thus stimulating the circulation and respiration.

Laughter Yoga is more successful in a group because
• Laughing is a social activity
• Laughter is infectious.
• Laughter bonds people together

In a typical 45 minute session, you learn to laugh with unconditional laughter that is produced from the body and not from the mind. Have you noticed that when you are laughing, you are not thinking about anything else ? You are totally in the moment, with no notion or thought for the past or the future. How about that for a break ?

What if I don't laugh ?
It was discovered that the body doesn't know the difference between fake and genuine laughter. As long as you are willing to laugh or smile, you will experience the same benefits and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

The effects of laughter
• Laughing is enjoyable
• Laughing brings spontaneity, fun and creativity
• Laughter brings us to the present moment. Laughter bypasses the thinking left part of our brain, tapping into our right side brain functions.
• Health Benefits